A message to Stork & Danfert patients

We regret to inform you that the Stork & Danfert clinic has been declared bankrupt. During the past 25 years, Stork & Danfert has helped a lot of families fulfilling their dream of a baby. The clinic has been very well-known not only in Denmark but also abroad. Unfortunately, since the recent deregulation in Sweden and Norway, and further complicated by the pandemic, the number of international patients, which were a large part of the clinic’s activity, has decreased significantly. This has led to the clinic becoming heavily loss-making. There were significant efforts to turn around the clinic, and sizable capital injections were made. Over the last few years, the parent group has supported Stork with over DKK 25m. Unfortunately, the competitive Danish market did not allow to get the clinic back into black numbers. Until very recently, there have been active dialogues with a number of new investors to create resources for a turnaround programme for the clinic, but without success.

 We are deeply saddened by the situation affecting our employees, collaborators, partners, and, most importantly, our patients.

 We would like to inform you, that your frozen tissues as well as your prepaid treatments (both IVF and egg donation) are taken care of. Stork & Danfert’s mother company has secured an agreement with the Vitanova clinic in Copenhagen for you to be able to continue your package at similar terms as at Stork & Danfert free of charge. Your frozen gametes and embryos will also be transferred to Vitanova within a very short time. You will be able to find more details as the process progresses on a dedicated page on Vitanova’s website https://www.vitanova.dk/en/stork-and-danfert-patients.

           If you are mid cycle or need urgent treatment:

o   Please contact Vitanova at Stork@Vitanova.dk and put in the subject header the word ‘URGENT’.

          If you have prepaid a package and not had all treatments under the package yet:

o   Once your frozen material has been transferred to Vitanova and the necessary administration work was completed, you will be able to continue your packages at Vitanova. We are doing our best to have it completed as soon as possible. As soon as the date for the transfer of frozen materials and embryos is known, it will be posted under https://www.vitanova.dk/en/stork-and-danfert-patients. You can contact the clinic at Stork@Vitanova.dk that Vitanova has set up for former Stork & Danfert patients.

           If you have eggs, sperm, or embryos in storage:

o   Vitanova is the nominated back up tissue center for Stork & Danfert clinic. Your frozen gametes and embryos will be transferred to Vitanova within a very short time. You can contact the clinic at Stork@Vitanova.dk, that Vitanova has setup for former Stork & Danfert patients.

Rest assured that we are working in close collaboration with both Vitanova and the bankruptcy estate to ensure a smooth process in this difficult time. On behalf of former management of Stork and Danfert .


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