Single women

At Danfert & Stork fertility clinic, we believe that every family is something special – no matter how big or small it is.

If you, as a single woman, have decided to have a child, we would very much like to help you on your way. The liberal legislation in Denmark makes it possible for us to adapt a course to you. We have no waiting time for insemination and IVF and very good results due to our skilled staff with many years of experience. We offer advice on the choice of donor sperm and all forms of modern fertility treatment, and in Denmark we can treat women up to and including 45 years of age.

For our danish customers who have a referral from their own doctor for fertility treatment, the following applies:

  • NO waiting time for treatment
  • LIMITED self-payment for insemination
  • Self-payment for semen – this applies to all private clinics, except in the public sector
  • Self-payment for IVF – this applies to all private clinics, except in the public sector, where there is usually a long waiting time

The initial conversation

The initial interview can take place at the clinic or virtually. The conversation is non-binding, and you will be able to ask all the questions you have. At the same time, we will delve into your specific situation, previous fertility treatments and examinations.

You must prepare for this before the initial interview:

The electronic journal

Please complete the electronic journal. Since you both need to be registered, it would be a good idea to fill it in together.


According to the legislation, all couples who are to start fertility treatment must have at least the following tests:

  • Hepatitis B – HbsAg, Anti-HBc
  • Hepatitis C – anti HCV
  • HIV – anti-HIV 1+2

We also want:

  • Blood tests for TSH and TPO, rubella (rubella), Chlamydia and AMH.
  • HSU (water scanning). With a water scan, we can examine with ultrasound whether the woman has a normal uterus and whether there is free passage through the fallopian tubes. We recommend HSU before insemination.

You must decide on that before the treatment

Donor sperm

In Denmark, the law allows treatment with open and anonymous donor sperm. We have many years of experience in advising on donor sperm. You can buy donor sperm at the sperm banks and have it delivered here, so that it is ready for your treatment. Read more or buy donor sperm here.

Selection of donor sperm

We have great expertise in the entire process surrounding the selection of donor sperm. We have a close collaboration with the sperm banks, but we have also built up experience around the process lesbians have to go through when they are faced with the choice of donor sperm.

5 important questions about having a donor child

It is entirely up to you. Nothing is more true than anything else.

Our advice is that what feels right for you and your partner will, in the vast majority of cases, also be the best for the child. The most important thing is therefore to familiarize yourself with the options and make a decision.

When we ask single women and lesbian couples their choices, we can see that most choose an open donor – especially here at home, where there is great openness about different family forms. It is often about the women not wanting to restrict the child.

An important thing you must consider is: What do you want to decide for yourself? For some, it is very important to be aware of all choices. Some want the donor to have light hair and blue eyes, others are more concerned that the donor has the same values, outlook on life and interests, while for a third it is not important at all to have an influence. However, most people have one or more wishes, and there is certainly nothing wrong with that. However, it is important to emphasize that we cannot give guarantees. Even if the donor has blue eyes, the clinic will never be able to guarantee that the child will also have blue eyes, etc.

We all have genetic defects. This also applies to a donor. Although he has been screened and tested for many diseases, of course we cannot make guarantees. But in general the child is better off than most of the children who are born naturally.

We often get the question: “How much donor sperm should I buy?” It’s really hard to give advice on, because we can’t know. However, you should consider early in the process whether you want your child to have full siblings: “If everything goes well, will you have more than one child? If so, is it important that it is the same donor?” This will of course be decisive for how much you should buy/reserve at this time – this applies to both open, anonymous plus and anonymous donor.

What are you really going to say to the child? When will you tell me? We recommend that you think about the child’s history already when you choose to have a donor child. We see that some take it as it comes, some plan something they want to say, while others choose to write a diary from the first thought until they are standing with a child in their arms. It then later becomes a gift for the child.

And don’t forget… a donor child is to that extent a desired child. It has been desired long before it came into being. It is an option. It is the wish of the mother and father, and it is the wish of the donor. It is a great gift – also to be told later in life!

Treatment with donor sperm

In connection with fertility treatment, it may be necessary to use donor sperm. For many, it may be the only option to achieve pregnancy.

We have a close collaboration with the European Sperm Bank, but you can also order sperm from one of the other sperm banks if you wish.

How to choose your sperm at the European Sperm Bank

To be able to choose a donor, you must go to the European Sperm Bank’s website. We have worked closely with the European Sperm Bank for many years, and they ensure a smooth process for you when you need to be treated with donor sperm.

You start your search for a donor by clicking on the link below, create a profile by clicking on the “Create free user” button. Please note that you must either choose Stork or Ciconia. Once you have created your user, you have full access to the European Sperm Bank’s selection of sperm donors.

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