Midwife consultation

At the Danfert & Stork fertility clinic in Copenhagen, we offer midwifery consultations from very early pregnancy. We will touch on some of the natural changes your body will go through over the next several months following the baby’s growth. The aim of our midwives is to create a safe pregnancy from start to finish.

Ultrasound scan

From 7 weeks into your pregnancy, we can see the live fetus with an ultrasound scan. From when you are 16 weeks along, we can hear your child’s heart beating with a listening tube or doptone against your stomach.

For some women, the process at the hospital and with their own doctor is more than enough. For others, further checks may be needed before you can feel safe.

Midwives who create security and peace

For some women, the worries overshadow the joy and anticipation that normally accompanies a pregnancy. We have a deep understanding of this, and we hope that we can help redeem this, so that you will later remember these months as a good time.

The aim for us as midwives is to create peace and security for you from the start, so that you can quickly get started with what it’s all about: Looking forward to becoming a mother.

All pregnant women are welcome.

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