Heterosexual couple

Fertility treatment is a joint project where you both have to be seen and heard. That is why we make a point of including both of you in the initial interview and in the treatment process itself. We offer insemination, IVF and egg donation, you get a private room during treatment and we do everything to ensure that the path towards the desired child takes place in a calm environment.

For our Danish customers who have a referral from their own doctor for fertility treatment, the following applies:

  • NO waiting time for treatment
  • LIMITED self-payment for insemination
  • Self-payment for semen – this applies to all private clinics, except in the public sector
  • Self-payment for IVF – this applies to all private clinics, except in the public sector, where there is usually a long waiting time

The initial conversation

The initial interview can take place at the clinic or virtually. The conversation is non-binding, and you will be able to ask all the questions you have. At the same time, we will delve into your specific situation, previous fertility treatments and examinations.

You must prepare for this before the initial interview:

The electronic journal

Please complete the electronic journal. Since you both need to be registered, it would be a good idea to fill it in together.


According to the legislation, all couples who are to start fertility treatment must have at least the following tests:

  • Hepatitis B – HbsAg, Anti-HBc
  • Hepatitis C – anti HCV
  • HIV – anti-HIV 1+2

The following also applies to women:

  • Blood tests for TSH and TPO, rubella (rubella), Chlamydia and AMH.
  • HSU (water scanning). With a water scan, we can examine with ultrasound whether the woman has a normal uterus and whether there is free passage through the fallopian tubes. We recommend HSU before insemination.

For the man, the following also applies:

  • Semen sample. We are interested in how the sperm cells look, how they move, number, etc. If there is already a result from a previous sperm test, please send a copy of this test or take it with you to the initial interview. If the sperm analysis has not previously been carried out, we can carry it out at a clinic by prior agreement.

You must decide on these before fertility treatment

Donor sperm

In the event that you need sperm from a donor, we are ready to advise you. We have many years of experience in using donor sperm. In Denmark, fertility treatment with both open and anonymous donor sperm is allowed. You can buy donor sperm at the sperm banks and have it delivered here, so that it is ready for your treatment. 
Read more or buy donor sperm here.

Donor eggs

In the event that you need eggs from a donor, we will put you in touch with our internal egg donation team as soon as possible. Our skilled team will advise you and explain any possible egg donation process. Here you can read more about donor eggs.

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