Treatment with eggs from the freezer - FER

If you have frozen fertilized eggs via an IVF/ICSI treatment, these can be used in a freezing treatment FER. To start this treatment, call or write to the clinic on the first day of bleeding.

How does the treatment take place?

Egg freezing can take place in your own cycle or in a cycle without ovulation.

In order to use your own cycle for freezing treatment, you must have a regular cycle of less than 35 days. We follow your cycle with scans, and when the follicle is almost ready, you will be given an egg releasing syringe. Egg laying is planned a week later. We recommend using a little progesterone after ovulation to support your own hormone production.

Another option is to use estrogen and progesterone. You start with estrogen tablets at the beginning of your cycle to make the lining grow. When it has a suitable thickness, you start on progesterone to prepare the lining for ovulation.

Thawing frozen eggs

We dry up your frozen egg on the morning we have planned the installation. Before thawing, we must have received written consent. This consent will be sent when you register for the freezing treatment on the first bleeding day.

The frozen fertilized eggs can be used until you turn 46.

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