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How long have you been thinking that you would like to have a child?

We had thought for about 1/2 year before we had our first child.

What was the first thing you did when the desire to have a child became more concrete?

We searched for information on your website.

Has the desire to have a child had any effect on your relationship?

A child will not affect our relationship any more than it affects any other parent’s.

Why did you choose to undergo fertility treatment at Danfert & Stork fertility clinic?

We chose the clinic on the recommendation of others and not least because the Danfert & Stork fertility clinic has many years of experience. We researched the fertility rate and checked your website. Your facilities and staff are top class. A really good and cozy atmosphere.

How would you describe the atmosphere at Danfert & Stork fertility clinic?

It feels like a nice place to come. Your relaxed style is contagious and creates a homely atmosphere.

Which words do you think best describe the staff at Danfert & Stork fertility clinic?

Competent, welcoming, smiling and not least professionally skilled.

How did friends and family react during and after your fertility treatment?

There was no reaction other than the joy that we as a couple were going to have a child.

Who was your biggest support during fertility treatment?

My biggest support was my partner.

During the fertility treatment, did you come into contact with other lesbian couples in the same or a similar situation, and if so, are you still in contact with them?

No, not in connection with fertility treatment at Stork. But we have lesbian friends who have also received treatment. Our children play with each other.

In which situation did you feel most confident, and when did you experience fear and nervousness?

We hoped that it would succeed immediately, and fortunately it happened the first time – so we did not experience fear and nervousness at all.

Did the fertility treatment affect your body in any way?

I didn’t feel any change in my body during the fertility treatment – not apart from a nice big belly ;).

Do you know the sperm donor for your child, or is he anonymous? Why did you decide that he should either be or not be anonymous?

We chose an anonymous sperm donor. It was a difficult decision, where the conclusion was that it was my and my partner’s decision to have a child.

What advice can you give to other lesbian couples who are in the same situation as you?

For selfish reasons. A good advice for other lesbians who want to be pregnant is to remember to enjoy all the wonderful moments of the fertility treatment. Stay positive throughout. My best advice to everyone is to choose Danfert & Stork fertility clinic.

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