The electronic journal

Everyone who wants treatment is asked to fill in the electronic medical record

Everyone who wants treatment here at the clinic is asked to fill in our electronic medical record.

The information you give our fertility doctors in the electronic medical record is important in terms of being able to prepare us as best as possible for
the initial interview. You are therefore asked to take the time to fill in the journal, so that the information we receive forms a good basis for the interview.

If you are in doubt about what you should be when you have to fill in the medical record, or if you do not know the answer, don’t let that stop you. Fill in our electronic journal as best you can and with the knowledge you have right now.

If you have not already been in contact with us per telephone or e-mail, please contact us once you have sent the completed journal. We can then arrange a time for the interview and inform you about the test answers, which we also want to receive before the interview.

Please complete the electronic record from “Google Chrome” or “Edge” on a computer (not mobile)

We are looking forward to hear from you.

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