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Here you will find links and recommendations for associations and partners as well as an overview of books that may be useful and inspiring for you.

Some of the books – marked with – can be bought through Danfert and Stork in Copenhagen. Contact us to hear more.
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You can also be inspired by stories and video clips available on our YouTube channel:

Single parents of a donor child at school

In these years we see that more and more donor children of singles and lesbians start school. In collaboration with the European Sperm Bank, TFP Stork Fertility has produced some brochures with good advice for you who are parents of a donor child as well as for your child’s educators and teachers.


Agreed Parenthood | Professional help to establish and nurture agreed parenthood. Intended parenthood is defined as a relationship in which two or more adults agree to become active parents together, without biological parenthood arising from a relationship.

Tina Sandager | Fertility counselling and therapy – “When the road to parenthood is not straightforward”

Mille Duzenius | Psychotherapist & Supervisor | | Tel: +45 20 65 19 65

PCO Forum | For women with PCO

Self-chosen single mother| Signe Fjord makes it cool to be a single mother.

Unique mothers v. Tina Bjerg| Get much more energy and become exactly the mother you want to be.

Thilde Vesterby | Yoga, fertility and coaching

DC Network | An English website about having donor-conceived children as well as links to a large number of exciting associations and studies

LGTB | The Danish National Organisation for gay men, lesbian women, bisexuals and transgender persons

Dare | We work for equality for all family constellations.

The Family Court | The Family Court can give you guidance on the rules and legal effects of paternity and co-maternity.

Statsforvaltningen | The State Administration can give you guidance on the rules and legal effects of paternity and lesbian co-motherhood.

Minmave | Minmave has lots of articles about pregnancy, birth, babies and toddlers. Take part in one of the many debates, or have a look at their galleries of scan photos and much more.

Solomor | Solomor is a network for single women with one or more children who were donor-conceived. They share tips and tricks here that support and elevate single mothers to a higher level.

Regnbuefamilie | The website is aimed at gays and lesbians, single women and others who want to become parents without living in a traditional nuclear family with a father, mother and children, but where the child gets to know both of its biological parents.

Donorbarn | The association for donor-conceived children and their parent(s) is open to donor-conceived children and their full-time caregiving parent(s). Donorbarn allows women who chose to become single mothers via donor solutions, including women who used known donors (a friend, an ex, or a father who has given up rights to the child, etc.), to meet. What is common to all the parents is that they are full-time parents with full-time responsibility for the child/children.

Adoption & Samfund | Adoption & Community

Femmis | Femmis, a Swedish association for single mothers by choice through insemination/IVF, is a non-profit and independent association. The association is made up of women at various stages in the process of becoming single mothers through artificial fertilisation at the clinic using a donor.

LFUB | The Danish National Association of Involuntary Childlessness is for those undergoing fertility treatment, those who have not had children yet and also for those who have had successful treatment and who have experience in the area.

Seed Siblings | Seed Siblings is an organisation for those who were conceived as a result of sperm donation provided by a Nordic clinic or a Danish sperm bank. In their forum, you can interact with people in the same situation. Seed Siblings welcome parents, donor-conceived children and current or past donors.


Acupuncture can optimize fertility treatment by:

  • Increasing blood flow in the uterus and improving the mucous membrane so that the egg can attach better
  • Reducing side effects from hormone intake (such as headaches, malaise, etc.)
  • Balancing the body and relaxing the uterus
  • Strengthening the immune system
  • De-stress the body

In Copenhagen, we work with acupuncturist Qunhui Mao, who has 30 years of experience in Chinese medicine and acupuncture.

Mao can be contacted for information and appointment by phone at +45 22 63 80 15.

Address: Amicisvej 25, 1 tv, 1852 Frederiksberg.


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