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General information – FAQ

Yes. According to the legislation, fertility treatment may not be carried out if the woman has reached the age of 46, i.e. that we can treat up to and including 45 years. There is no age limit for the man.

Yes, we have limits, but we encourage everyone to submit a medical record and come to an interview for individual assessment.

Under 30 years – BMI under 30

Under 35 years – BMI under 35

Over 35 years – BMI under 38

Based on the clinical recommendations from the Danish Fertility Society.

We have no waiting time for insemination and IVF.

Once you have had your initial interview and we have received and approved all test results, we will prepare a tailored treatment plan for you. You can then start your treatment immediately.

Yes, it is not a problem to go to work after you have been inseminated. It does not reduce your chance of pregnancy.

Yes, if you want to be an egg donor, you must be hormonally stimulated. We take good care of you, so we are sure that the medication dose is right for you.

No. With the current Danish legislation, we receive neither unfertilized nor fertilized eggs from an egg bank.

There are several blood tests we can take.

Virus testing is standard for all our patients and a legal requirement. We cannot treat people infected with HIV, for example.

There are several hormone tests that may be relevant to you before we can assess and determine the optimal treatment.

In addition, there are some completely extraordinary blood tests that we carry out if deemed necessary.

At Stork you always get your own living room. The living rooms are decorated warmly and welcomingly. In all our living rooms, you can bring your own music (phone or iPod) to which you can connect a speaker. At Danfert, you share the rest room with another person. However, it is arranged so that you lie alone.

We will refund your P-ticket. If you come by car to the Danfert & Stork fertility clinic, you just have to bring a copy of your medical expenses, and your expenses will be reimbursed immediately.

We do everything we can to ensure that it is the same doctor and team that follows you and your treatment. Unfortunately, however, we cannot guarantee that your contact doctor will be on duty on the day you are to be treated. But our doctors go to great lengths to pass on all the details regarding a patient, so that you can still feel safe in your course.

If your ovulation test is positive late on Friday evening, simply call us the next morning – and we will find a time for you during the day. If you are coming from a long way, you can already prepare in the evening to be able to come to the clinic the next day. You can also call us in the evening and leave a message on our answering machine or inform us by mail. Then we know you’re on your way.

We are closed on Sundays. This means that you cannot get in touch with us by phone or email, and it is also not possible to come to the clinic for treatment. If you have a positive test on Saturday evening and Sunday is the optimal day for insemination, you must therefore wait until the next cycle to come.

If you are waiting to have eggs taken out, you are very welcome to contact us so that we can advise you on how to check your ovulation with ultrasound scans and an ovulation syringe. That way we can avoid your ovulation falling on a Sunday.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

At Danfart & Stork fertility clinic, we answer all calls every Saturday between 9 and 14

No. We are open all year round – also during the summer holidays. We may have changed opening hours during public holidays, but this will be communicated on our front page and on our social media.

We collaborate with the European Sperm Bank (ESB). If you wish to buy semen, we will take care of communicating the contact between you and ESB.

No. The package is used up if you give birth to a child, if all attempts have been used, or if 2 years have passed since the conclusion of the contract.

No. Once you have chosen a package or a single treatment, it cannot be changed.

We will print a prescription for you which will be available on the prescription server if you live in Denmark. Your medicine will thus be available through your health card at the pharmacy.

The amount covers our expenses for administration and maintenance of the depository.

Yes. You pay for the deposit, even if it is a short storage.

Ultrasound with AFC can be performed on any day of the cycle.

Your virus tests are valid for up to 2 years. The smear (cell sample) is valid for up to 3 years.

Danfart & Stork fertility clinic uses Mimecast to optimize data protection. Customers who cannot receive the encryption (TLS) that we use in our mail will be asked to log in to Mimecast to ensure a data-protected communication.

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