Not just a number

We had been trying to have children naturally for several years. When it didn’t work out, we tried over a 4-year period at Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen to get pregnant through several IVF treatments.

At one point we considered whether we even had the strength to continue, but in the end selected three private clinics that we wanted to visit.

Danfert & Stork fertility clinic was the last in the line, and here we experienced a completely different world. Suddenly we no longer felt like just another number in the queue and Ursula really managed to shake things up when we had to plan a course of treatment that was tailored to us.

We immediately felt that it was a relatively small place where we were listened to and we felt that we were being looked at as an individual couple. Ursula came up with some completely new ideas, and we fell, among other things. for the doctors to save with each other and draw on a common pool of resources. It seemed very professional and it was great that we could sit back and feel safe.

The feeling of being in the center gave us security, and we experienced that the entire staff of doctors, nurses and laboratory staff took ownership of the task. It was really a positive experience.

During the process, the strategy was changed, and the doctors were not afraid to change course when they found it necessary. It was clear to feel that only the best was good enough. High ambitions and great professional expertise went hand in hand, and we always felt secure in relation to the doctors’ recommendations.

When we managed to get pregnant, the doctors showed joy and enthusiasm, for which we were very grateful. It was clear that the fact that they could help another couple get into happy circumstances also meant a lot to them.

Camilla Lindkvist Bergmann and Magnus Bergmann

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