The girls at reception were absolutely fantastic

When we decided that we wanted a child, we contacted several different clinics. The choice quickly fell on Danfert & Stork fertility clinic, when it turned out that here, with a referral from our own doctor, we could get a subsidy for the treatment from the public health insurance.

At our first meeting, we were thoroughly explained what was going to happen, and that definitely helped us feel safe.

Another thing that made the difference was that we were received very well. The girls at the reception are just amazing. Incredibly welcoming and with lots of empathy. We could not have received a better reception. When we visited the clinic, they came out and talked to us and asked how we were doing. And when we called, they were always nice and helpful. If they couldn’t answer our questions, they quickly called back with an answer once they had spoken to the doctors or nurses.

Once we had visited the Danfert & Stork fertility clinic, we did not need to see more clinics. Our gut told us it was just the right place for us.

Told by: Lena Johansen and Christina

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