We could not have had a better experience

After having our first child naturally, we quickly wanted to have child number 2. We tried for a year without success and after examinations by our doctor it turned out that it would be doubtful whether we could have a child as well number 2 in the normal way.

We looked into the options carefully when we got the message and at the same time were told that we should contact a private fertility clinic.

On the Danfert & Stork fertility clinic’s website, we found all the information we needed, and we think it clearly shone through that these were some very professional and competent doctors.

That view was confirmed at our first meeting, where we discussed with the doctor which treatment method was right for us. We had to e.g. decide whether we would start by buying just one treatment or whether we would go ahead and buy a package with the option of three treatments. That solution was somewhat more expensive, but at no time did we feel any pressure in relation to having to choose the more expensive solution. On the contrary, we experienced very objective advice and we got all the information we needed.

We chose the package with up to 3 possible treatments, and today we have no doubt that it was the right thing for us. It was reassuring to know that we didn’t just have an attempt.

Danfert & Stork fertility clinic gave us the belief from the first contact that it would probably work for us. A detailed plan for our treatment course was quickly drawn up. It gave us a high degree of security that we could feel that nothing was left to chance, and we experienced that there was plenty of time for advice and conversations.

We had to wait a few months due to some personal circumstances, but once the process started we managed to get pregnant on the first try.

During the process, we were in contact with all three of the clinic’s doctors, who all showed the same friendliness and professional approach to the task.

Our choice had nothing to do with price. We chose based on the fact that we wanted the best possible conditions for another pregnancy, and we could not have gotten better than what we experienced at Danfert & Stork fertility clinic.

Told by: Julie Geertsen and Teo Guldbæk

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