SMEAR - screening for cervical cancer

At Danfert & Stork fertility clinic, we want you to be screened with a cell sample from your cervix (SMEAR) before you start treatment. This is done to ensure that during the process you are not faced with challenges that could have been avoided. The purpose of a cell sample from the cervix is to diagnose precursors (cell changes) to cervical cancer, so that you can treat any cell changes and thus prevent cervical cancer from forming.

As pre-stages of cervical cancer usually do not cause any symptoms, they are only discovered when a SMEAR – cell sample is taken from the cervix. There are several degrees of abnormal cells, and having cell changes does not mean the same as having cervical cancer.

This is how a SMEAR study is conducted

SMEAR is taken during a regular gynecological examination, where the cell sample from the cervix is taken with a small soft brush. It doesn’t hurt to have a pap smear, but it can be less comfortable. The SMEAR sample is then sent for further examination for abnormal cells. You usually get an answer to the survey after a few weeks. If the cytology test shows that you have abnormal cells or slight cell changes, it is far from certain that you need treatment. In these cases, you will be recommended a new check, after which a decision will be made on the further course of action.

We emphasize that cell changes that can be seen during a SMEAR examination are in no way equivalent to cervical cancer, but they must always be investigated further.

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